Praise for Dreams and Baseball

“My clan's passion for baseball burns steadily, but a call from Reagan Rothe, helped rekindle the flames. The young author's language of the dugout, the pace of the game, the radio play-by-play guy's rhythmic chant and the price paid to pursue baseball dreams is compelling and profanely letter-perfect.”

—Jerry Aulds, El Campo Leader-News

“Drawing heavily upon his baseball-rich family history, Reagan Rothe has created a fascinating snapshot of a fleeting moment of brilliance in professional baseball and all that comes with the fame and fortune inevitably tied with it. Set decades in the future, Dreams and Baseball is a tale of flashbacks for the protagonist, Jeff Hartes. The tale hinges on Hartes' magical season of 1999, encased with heartache, sadness, sorrow and tragedy. Rothe has done an outstanding job demonstrating just how closely baseball and life are naturally intertwined in this highly recommendable, exciting, and page-turning work.”

—Gary Bedingfield, founder Baseball in Wartime.

“As soon as I opened up this novel, I swear on the remote control that the theme song from 'Bang the Drum Slowly' started and didn't stop until I put it down. This is a baseball book. One of those novels that shows us how the game of baseball was made for print fiction and vice-versa. Rothe has a terrific way with detail; I swear I was in a time machine as he zoomed me back to 1999 and all sorts of popular culture bombarded me. The novel ended and I found myself in a very long seventh inning stretch with three dreaded words on the last page, 'to be continued...' Guess I'll have to wait for the last out. Being a long suffering Cleveland Indians fan, I have the patience.”

—Sam Moffie, author of Swap and The Organ Grinder and the Monkey


Praise for blacke

“Masterfully written, blacke is a welcome contribution to the mystery genre. An enthralling tale, a complex story line, and an emotional attachment to the characters make blacke a must read.”

—New Great Books

“Rothe gives us a wonderfully descriptive ride through the character’s mindset as he copes with each impending event.”

—Suspense Magazine

“This happens to be the first novel of Rothe's that I have read.  I can promise you it will not be the last. His eye for detail and sense of timing put the reader right in the scene, drawing in as if sharing an intimate encounter. I recommend this book wholeheartedly.”

—The Author's Lounge 

“It was dark and quirky and hinted at something so sinister that it would make your blood turn cold... and yet, I simply wanted more more more...”

—The Novel Blog

“Rothe’s ability to show us the darkness within in contrast to the fresh, vibrant settings is astounding. Rothe has developed characters in blacke that will be remembered more for their flaws and short-comings than on their decisions and motivations.”

Brian Knight, PPS


Praise for the Misanthropy series

Each of Rothe's characters is a single, colorful thread skillfully woven into a complex tapestry depicting a world somehow familiar yet undeniably unique.”

—Jennifer Webster, author of Through A Glass Darkly

“The Misanthropy series is a beautifully twisted tale, full of macabre and mystery at every turn. Reagan Rothe is our modern day Edgar Allen Poe.”

—Kate Tedder, author of Change Has Come

“From dragons to wizards, this book takes you on a wild adventure like nothing else. I could not prepare myself for the coming of night after reading the Misanthropy series.”

—Derek Pareja, author of Soul Phaser


Praise for Give Wings to My Triumph 

Give Wings to My Triumph is a delightful tale that will capture the imagination of children while teaching them the importance of having morals – the virtue of patience, and to be respectful of a loving family. Rothe has the unique ability to craft positive reflection and ethics within an adventurous tale.  His writing style is descriptive and fun – surely this tale with put a smile on the faces of both children and the young at heart.”

Brian Knight, PPS

"Enchanting and captivating from beginning to end. I couldn’t help but be enraptured by the wonderful tale of Saucir. There were beautifully crafted illustrations by Cristan Hellen that add luster and a magical feel to the pages of Reagan Rothe’s work. This book will surely prove a delight to children from five to ninety-five. I was totally captivated by the story of Saucir, and my only regret in reading this book is that it wasn’t twice the length. I would love to read more of the adventures of Saucir and those who live around him in the wonderful world of Waxley. More soon please, Mr. Rothe. Ten out of Ten!”

Brian L. Porter, author of A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper